Economic Development

Welcome to the Economic Development Department of the City of Taneytown. We would like to assist you with finding a business. If you are looking to open a business, we would like to assist you in developing your business plan, find a site location, and provide incentives and resources to make you a great business owner.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Economic Development Department is to preserve, retain, and nurture new and existing businesses for the benefit of employment and revenue for the City of Taneytown

Taneytown At A Glance
There is a certain intangible in the community of around 7,200 people called Taneytown. Some call it a sense of pride, in both its rich history and its present small town atmosphere. Others call it a sense of community.

When the first volleys of the Revolutionary War were being fired, Taneytown had already been established as part of a 60 acre plot known as "Maryland Backwoods". Some 7,900 acres were granted to Edward Diggs and Raphael Taney under a patent designated as the Resurvey of Brothers agreement. Lots were laid out, and the first deeds were registered in 1762.

Union General George Meade set up his headquarters in Taneytown, expecting to lure General Robert E. Lee down from Pennsylvania. Meade, expecting more than 100,000 men to fight in Taneytown, formed a 20 mile line parallel to Pipe Creek. Instead, the armies accidentally clashed further north, so Meade ordered his troops out of Carroll County and into Gettysburg.

Today, Taneytown has become a community "working together" in spirit and pride. Drawing in its strength of accessibility to Washington, D.C. (65 miles) and Baltimore (42 miles), Taneytown has been consistently drawing people to stop and take a second look at its historic homes and shops. Taneytown, Maryland was listed in the 2009 Baltimore Magazine’s Best Places To Live 2009. Taneytown is currently undergoing a 3½-mile, $18 million Streetscape renovation that will create an inviting ambiance for residents, businesses and visitors alike. We are a “Small Town With A Big Heart.”

A Prime Location
Taneytown is proud of its excellent location that provides great railroads (MD Midland Railway connecting to CSX) and excellent roadways with superb transportation links to major cities and states. Taneytown is located in the northwest portion of Carroll County and is 2 miles east of Frederick County and 3 miles south of Adams County Pennsylvania.

Approximate travel distance between key cities in the region:

  • Baltimore Washington Airport - 44 miles
  • Carroll County Regional Airport -12 miles (5,000 ft. runway provides for corporate jet accessibility)
  • US Route 15 – 9 miles
  • Interstate 70 – 33 miles
  • Westminster – 10 miles
  • Frederick – 21 miles
  • Baltimore – 42 miles
  • Washington, DC – 65 miles
  • Hanover, PA – 15 miles
  • Harrisburg, PA – 65 miles

Community Profile
Relying on it's deep roots and heritage, Taneytown has been successful in making major employers feel comfortable about investing time and money in this business friendly town.

Taneytown is home of Evapco, Inc. which has a 227,000 sq. ft. facility that houses it's international headquarters. FlowServe maintains a 127,000 sq. ft. facility and a work force of over 260 employees. Taney Corporation, one of the top stair building companies in the U.S. is housed in the Taneytown Industrial Park.

Taneytown prides itself on creating an atmosphere in which small businesses can prosper. We have over 160 businesses in the Taneytown area that provide goods and services to the surrounding region. We have an extensive shopping center, two large grocery chains along with a major pharmacy and hardware store.

Taneytown has a partnership with McDaniel College (formerly Western Maryland College), Carroll Community College and the Carroll County Career and Technology Center that provides on going training and resources for your employees skills.

Taneytown provides recreational parks and programs for children and families.

Taneytown boasts a coalition of businesses, schools, and industry that work together to provide programs for employees and families to develop strong values and excellent workplace environments.

The Economic Development Department of Taneytown welcomes you, and will work with you to ensure that your transition to our community will be a smooth and enjoyable one.

Taneytown - A Place for You
Taneytown provides you with a business friendly team that addresses all of your needs from zoning permits to utility information to communication with Carroll County and the State of Maryland to expedite your inquiries, to provide fast track approval, to saving you money and time.

Our industry friendly resources helps you to put into place all the information you need to provide a strong work force, pulling from the strong work ethics of this area to providing you with resources for housing, shopping, recreation, schools and continuing education.

From the onset of your inquiry to your continuing presence in our town, we work hand in hand to make you a part of our family community.

Jay Meashey
Economic Development Director


Taneytown Business Directory  
Complete business listings for Taneytown as of January 2019, as published in The Taneytown RecordDownload PDF.
Calling All Business Owners  
  Posted: 7/22/15
Taneytown Business Breakfast  
The Taneytown Business Breakfast is a monthly gathering open to the public that gives area businesses an opportunity to network, as well as featuring informed speakers on a variety of topics. The Breakfast is held the second Friday each month at Thunderhead Bowling Lanes with networking and breakfast buffet at 7:30 a.m. and speaker at 8 a.m. Cost at the door is $10 + tip. Reservations are necessary to accommodate seating and food. Please call Nancy by the Wednesday before each scheduled breakfast.


Friday, 3/08 (RSVP by 3/06):
Speaker: Casey Wilson - Maryland SBCD, College Park
Topic: "Co-opetition in Small Towns - Leveraging multiple businesses and resources to attract out-of-market business"


Friday, 4/12 (RSVP by 4/10):
Speaker: Jim Thomas - Samura Healing Center
Topic: "Stress and the Body-symptom as Messenger"
  Posted: 9/30/10
Downtown Revitalization Act of 2011  
Start Date: 1/1/12  
In their December 12th meeting, the City Council passed the Taneytown Downtown Revitalization Act, which went into effect January 1, 2012. This ordinance established a Downtown Revitalization Zone (DRZ) and provides special property improvement and employment incentives, a benefit assessment fee financing program, and fast track regulatory review process for projects proposed in the DRZ. Additional information can be found below and by calling the City Office at 410-751-1100.
  Posted: 10/11/12


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