Sustainable Communities Questionnaire

Sustainable Communities Questionnaire

Taneytown is currently in the process of renewing the City’s Sustainable Communities designation with the State’s Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). As a Sustainable Community, the City is eligible to participate in several State programs and apply for certain grant opportunities.

The program is intended to encourage investment in existing communities and improve various aspects of these communities. The program focuses on specific areas within a jurisdiction. Here in Taneytown, the Sustainable Community area is basically our downtown MainStreet area plus properties along East Baltimore Street between the Downtown area and Grand Drive as well as the residential neighborhoods of Fairground Village, Cloverberry, and Taney Village.

From DHCD’s site:
The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development's Sustainable Communities Program is a place-based designation offering a comprehensive package of resources that support holistic strategies for community development, revitalization and sustainability. Led by the Department, Sustainable Communities has provided local governments with a framework for promoting environmentally, economically and socially responsible growth and development in existing older communities. 

Link to benefits info on DHCD site:

On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being strongly disagree, 5 being strongly agree. Please rate the following needs and objectives for the City’s Sustainable Community area with the corresponding drop-down box.  A comment area has been provided if you feel additional information is needed.

1. Improved pedestrian infrastructure is needed to encourage walking within the area.     

2. Improvement to the physical environment, such as repairs to existing buildings is needed.   

3. Additional greenspace and park facilities are needed.   

4. Improved cleanliness will lead to an increase community pride.     

5. Expanding opportunity for high quality housing options for all income levels is important.     

6. Access to healthy food options is adequate.   

7. Additional businesses are necessary to provide services needed by the local population.   

8. There are currently too many vacant storefronts.   
9. Residential vacancies need to be filled.   

10. Parking for dwellings and businesses is adequate.   

Additional Comments: