Mayor's History Question Winner

 Mayor's History Question Winner TTR #82
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Congratulations to Austin Fields, age 12. He is a student at Northwest Middle School. He is the winner of the Mayor's History Question in the most recent issue #82 of the Taneytown Record.
This issue's question was: Our most famous"native son", Francis Scott had an only sister. She was married to another famous Marylander in Taneytown. Who was this famous Marylander and in which Taneytown church were they married?
Austin answered:  Anne Arnold Phoebe Charlton Taney was married to Roger Brooke Taney June 7, 1806 at Terra Rubra estate, which is the birth place of her brother, Francis Scott Key. The records are kept at St. Joseph's Church.
This was the first correct answer that the Mayor received in accordance with the rules of the contest. Thank you for all the responses! 
If you would like to participate in the next Taneytown History Question in issue #83 of the Taneytown Record. Make sure you read the next Mayor's Message. The contest is open to all school age children, Mom & Dad can help. The winner will receive a gift card good at a Taneytown business. To enter look for the next issue (#83) of the Taneytown Record and email your answer. The First correct answer received, based on email date & time stamp, will win the prize! The decision of the judges will be final, only one winner per household.