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Barri Avallone
Office Assistant
Heather Drumheller 
Office Assistant
Lisa Harvey

The Treasurer's Office serves citizens by offering a multitude of services. The Treasurer's Office remains committed to serving the public efficiently and courteously. A dedicated staff serves as the central source for providing information and other tools for individuals, as well as the community.

The Treasurer's Office consists of the Treasurer, Barri Avallone, and two Office Assistants; Heather Drumheller and Lisa Harvey

They are responsible for the overall collection and disbursement of funds including maintaining all the financial and public records. Assistance is provided to customers in gaining access to and reporting on fiscal matters. Public records, minutes of the City Council and the various Boards and Commissions are maintained. Information regarding voter registration, elections, polling places, meeting schedules, and public officials' information is also updated and maintained. The City's water and sewer bills are generated and the payments processed in a timely manner. The Treasurer’s Office continually strives to maintain efficient, expedient assistance in a friendly and ethical way.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Barri Avallone, City Treasurer